Life OS - Manage work & life more effectively in Notion.

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Manage projects more effectively and find your work-life zen.

First, the background story: Both your work life and personal life consist of projects. It doesn't matter if you are employed by a company, work as a freelancer, run marathons in your spare time, or want to learn how to cook pasta perfectly. The fundamental thing in life is to manage and complete projects. This is something that will consume most of your daily time and something that can usually feel a bit overwhelming.

  • "I'm I on top of all of my active projects?"
  • "Where did I place that Excel file that related to that project?"
  • "What are the key tasks that I need to focus on to move this project forward?"

These are some of the questions I was challenging myself with on a daily basis for a long time.

That's why I started to scout the internet for a more effective way to manage my projects and find inner peace and a sense of work-life zen. After months of searching and comparing different ways to accomplish this, I came to the conclusion that Tiago Forte's Second Brain and P.A.R.A method was the right one for me. The productivity mindset he has created is based on a method of capturing and organizing all your knowledge, projects, notes, and resources in one place, where they can relate to each other in a way that your project management will become more structured.

Based on that strategy and my own Scandinavian minimalist mindset, I have created Life OS, the all-in-one productivity system that seamlessly integrates tasks, projects, notes, and resources - turning Notion into your task manager, note-taker, and life planner.

So, who am I?
My name is Magnus Blancér and I'm a Global Head of Activation Marketing & Weekend Digital Creator.
For the past 15 years, I have created my living working for global fashion brands, started a 6-figure online side business, and attracted +20k followers to my side business's social media & newsletter channels. To help more people enjoy a healthy work-life balance I have decided to share some of the insights and tools that I have collected throughout the years.

What's included?

  • Life OS dashboards
  • Integrated task management
  • "Today" view to take control over what's important now
  • PARA method (Projects, Areas, Resources, Archives) for tasks, projects, and notes. Life OS leverages Notion's strengths as the perfect platform for Tiago Forte's Building a Second Brain method.
  • Weekly Review
  • Meeting note template to be more effective in your meetings!
  • Extended project management including Accounts, Budgets, and KPIs


  • Salary negotiation basis
  • Full onboarding guide including tips on how to automize your capture process into your Life OS.


  • Project
  • Areas
  • Resources
  • Archives
  • Tasks
  • Notes
  • Accounts
  • KPIs
  • Budgets

Life OS is designed to be optimized for all devices and screen sizes.
Got any questions? Email me at

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Life OS - Manage work & life more effectively in Notion.

16 ratings
I want this!